Method for reducing waste of die cutting material

2017-08-17 08:34:23 126

To reduce the waste of cutting materials, in the use of offline die-cutting, often die cutting machine is not allowed, and may even result in a large number of labels scrapped, and must also stop debugging. If the inspector is not good at the die cutting standard, it will also increase the cost of printing. In addition, in some stickers (especially some small area label printing), often waste sticking label die-cutting machine die-cutting, exhaust process, this is one of the main reasons causing the waste of printing materials. It is suggested that the following solution be adopted.

1. when designing labels, the area of labels can be appropriately increased, and the shape of labels should not be too complicated, and reasonable arrangement is adopted.

2., appropriate to reduce the pressure sensitive materials storage workshop and printing workshop temperature, prevent adhesive material, paper on the adhesive viscosity drops.

3. change the use of a longer time, the blade blunt cutting die blade, or in the die cutting plate and blade adhesion sponge sheet, can also be re manufactured die cutting version.

4., through the bottom plate cutting method, adjust the pressure of die cutting, so that the pressure of die cutting uniform, die-cutting depth of the same indentation.

5. to improve the speed of die-cutting waste.

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