MWZ 1650G Automatic flated die cutter

MWZ 1650G

1.Maximum speed: 5,500 sph.
2.ISO9001 and CE approved manufacturing process.
3.Front waste removal tool.
4.Non-stop delivery system for continuous productivity.
5.Human machine interface.
6.Complete stripping system.
7.Siemens latest PLC technology.
8.Maximum sheet size: 1650*1200mm.
9.Applicable to corrugated board 1-9mm.


Feeding Section                                                                  European Patented Cassette Style Feeder

High speed precision built lead edge feeder:                         “Vector zero system”. Ultra-accurate feeding +/- 0.5mm,

comprises powerful suction system, board support                minimal friction, minimal displacement,protects sheet and

with carrier, air discharge cylinder.                                        resolves marking problems. Highly efficient.

The design structure can prevent marking on printed            Core components imported from Italy, no consumable parts,

surfaces. Fitted with frequency controlled volume                  superb on warped board. Handles minimum of 40-50gsm E,

regulator. Suitable for all flutes of corrugated board               F flute as well as normal corrugated.

from 1-9mm.                    


ModelMWZ 1650G
Maximum paper size1650×1200mm
Minimum paper size 650×500mm
Maximum cutting size1630×1180mm
Maximum cutting pressure450×104N
Stock range1mm≤Corrugated board≤9mm
Cutting precision±0.5mm
Maximum mechanical speed5500s/h
Cutting rule height23.8mm
Pressure adjusting range±1mm
Minimum front margin10mm
Inner chase size1660×1210mm
Paper delivery height350mm
Main motor power22kw
Total power(exclude air compressor)40.5kw
Machine Dimension (include the  platform)11200×5560×2550mm
Machine Dimension (exclude the  platform, turning frame)7200×5100×2600mm
Tatal weight≈38t


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