MZ 1050Q top feeder die cutter

MZ 1050Q

1)Centerline system 2)Stripping system 3)Front waste removal tool 4)Human machine interface 5)Siemens latest PLC technology 6)High precision lead edge feeder 7)Two models for different formats 8)Wide stock range for corrugated board 9)Photoelectrical device for safe operation European, Taiwanese and Japanese standard spare parts 10)ISO9001:2008 approved manufacturing



The MZ 1050Q top feeder,automatic flatbed die cutting machines are known specifically for their die cutting, stripping and creasing of high end colored card boxes. Equipped with the latest Siemens PLC technology, a top feeder system and a high running speed, the machine is highly efficient.




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CENTURY is committed to the professional production of die cutting machine,and has developed "Hand Angel"and "FAST" series of die cutting machine.With good product quality and escellent after-sales service,CENTURY has developed more than 3000 domestic and overseas customers...

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