1, to provide professional advice. Respond to your professional and technical questions within 2 hours.

2, to provide detailed information. Within 4 hours will be the technical information you need to mail out, and for you can be received within two days.

3, to provide a reasonable offer. Within 2 hours to provide you with a reasonable offer.

4, to provide inspection reception. Stay at your disposal and try your best to provide a variety of conveniences for your work.

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1, since the equipment installation commissioning and acceptance of qualified date, the equipment in the normal use of the buyer, the seller free of charge to the equipment after-sales service for 12 months, but the wearing parts, tools and gifts are not covered by the warranty.

2, during the warranty period, the seller confirmed that the equipment is in the normal use of the failure or non-consumables damage, the seller is responsible for free repair or replacement parts.

3, the seller received the buyer's fault notification (fax, letter, e-mail, telephone) immediately after 24 hours to answer; if the buyer can not solve their own problems, the seller sent to the scene, Party B promised a day outside the working days (24 hours) to the scene.

4, beyond the warranty period, the buyer if the seller to carry out maintenance services on the equipment, the seller at a reasonable price to the buyer to provide the necessary replacement parts and maintenance services. If the seller can not solve the problem on his / her own, he / she will not be able to solve the problem on his / her own basis. If the seller can not solve the problem on his / her own basis, the seller will promise to arrive at the site within one working day (24 hours) The

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