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How to maintain the die cutting machine

Die cutting board is 2cm thick wood board, in the above through the computer laserout of different products, graphics slot, hand can also be used toreplace a variety of slotting tools, and then according to product needsin the slot fitted with knife, punching, Line, line and other cutting tools. Such a die-cutting board to do a good job, but before the use of sticky sponge in the above pad, it can be used on the machine. This can avoid paper suction.

Inthe maintenance and maintenance of the die-cutting board, the packagingand printing factories are equipped with a special die-cutting versionof the administrator, based on different customers zoning, and the dailydie-cutting version of the use and use of records, Die cutting and indentation of steel wire on the die-cutting plate to check, repair or replacement.

Xinchuan machinery flat pressure die cutting skills to high speed, high precision, high reliability. Machineoperation to carry out the direction of human nature, packaging andprinting operators to follow the trend of the operator to follow thetrend, to master the relevant skills, and in the production ofcontinuous accumulation to ensure that the perfect quality ofdie-cutting, progressive product level.