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What are the elements of the die-cutting machine set level

1. types of color. There are two levels of GCR and ECR type GCR as ash instead of ECR as the background removed, suggested the use of GCR form.

2. to determine the black cut version of the die cutting machine, when the  image of the gray component is less, usually the trademark die cuttingmachine black version is set as a black version  of the tune.If the image is high saturation, high contrast art photography, the black version can be set as a short contrast black version, if the imageof gray separated more, then use the long adjustment die cuttingmachine black version.

3. black version of the biggest constraints, different types ofmanuscripts should have different values, 70% ~ 90% can be, commonlyused is 85%.

4. the total ink set on behalf of the four color screen line and themaximum value, such as coated paper offset printing, desirable 330% to380%, while newsprint is about 260%.

5. trademark die-cutting machine background gain value increased in the first darkened manuscript, if the darkened levels rich, then thevalue can be increased, and the smaller the better.