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Highly rated by customers! The new die-cutting machine with lifting rotary slicer was successfully debugged and put into operation.

Recently, the customer company successfully debugged and operated a brand new die-cutting machine. This model is equipped with a lifting and rotating slicing machine, which has been highly praised by customers. The success of this commissioning operation marks that the function and performance of the die-cutting machine have been recognized by the customer, and adds new power and flexibility to the customer's production line.


It is reported that the introduction of this new die-cutting machine has attracted widespread attention in the customer company. The design equipped with a lifting rotary slicing machine enables higher production efficiency and wider applicability, and can adapt to the production needs of different materials and products. After careful debugging, the die-cutting machine performed excellently, and its efficiency and accuracy were highly recognized by customers.


n an interview, the customer representative fully affirmed the new die-cutting machine: "The high efficiency of this die-cutting machine has significantly improved our production efficiency, and each product can maintain consistent quality standards. . The addition of the jacking rotary slicing machine has added new flexibility and diversity to our production line. We speak highly of its performance and effect and look forward to it bringing more help to our future development. "


The success of this commissioning operation not only injected new vitality into the customer company's production line, but also laid a solid foundation for the market promotion of the die-cutting machine. In the future, this die-cutting machine is expected to establish a higher reputation and status in the industry and provide customers with better services and products.