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MWZ2100Q Die cutting machine
1. Gear driven Lead edge feeder

 (1) High speed lead edge feeder paired with robust feeding table enables the flatbed die cutting machine applicable to cut corrugated boards and laminated sheets.

 (2) Height-adjustable back stopper is suited to feed warped sheets.

 (3) Adjustable vacuum suction power allows large sheet feeding with ease.

2. Servo Driven Feeding Table

 (1) Left and right side push lays ensure accurate alignment and power registration.

 (2) Brush rollers and pressure rollers make sure that the sheets are accurately transferred to die cutting unit.

3. Die Cutting Section

 (1) Automatic self-lubrication system is independently located to ensure smooth running and minimal maintenance.

 (2) Central positioning system can help simplify cutting die set-up and ensure fast job changeover.

4. Stripping Section

 (1) Central positioning system simplifies stripping die set-up and allows fast job changeover.

 (2) Heavy duty double action stripper ensures positive stripping by efficiently removing waste.

 (3) The waste separator at front removes trim waste and transfers it to the machine drive side by conveyor belt.

5. Delivery Section

 (1) Non-stop pallet delivery system ensures continuous production.

 (2) Front, back and side joggers are available for neat stacking.