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SHANDONG CENTURY MACHINE CO., LTD. first exhibition in 2024 new yearf

On March 4, the SHANDONG CENTURY 2024 world first exhibition was grandly launched at the Guangzhou South China International Printing Exhibition. The first day of this exhibition was very fruitful, and I would like to thank exhibitors from all over the world for their strong support.


Our equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, precision, simple operation and long service life, and can provide personalized choices. This is the reason why we continue to receive attention and favor from exhibitors and industry professionals.


Leading innovation and exploring new trends in the industry

SHANDONG CENTURY, as a core supplier of die-cutting machine products, faces increasing diversified and personalized demands from packaging companies' current orders. We keep up with the market, continue to innovate and develop, and provide a variety of intelligent machine customization solutions to fully satisfy customers. need.


The live demonstration of the smart phone attracted many viewers to stop and watch and negotiate on the spot.



SHANDONGCENTURY has long adhered to innovation and provided professional solutions for the development of the packaging industry. The entire life cycle of the system will provide customers with timely after-sales response and perfect after-sales service. This is also Shandong Xinchuan's consistent purpose and concept of customer service.