MWB1300/1450/1620/1850/2100 Semi-automatic Die Cutting Machine

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Feeding section   


Various models within the range and optional feeders can be installed subject to requirements. Both pin or standard open gripper type. Suitable for solid board up to 2,000gsm and corrugated board up to 9mm.

Die-cutting Section        


Many imported components combinedwithourstandard of engineering. Mainchainswith overload, Easy to change die andplate,minimal downtime, creates increased efficiency.

Electrical Control Part   


PL C control, safe and reliable. Electrical ControlPart: PLC control is adopted in ElectronicControl System. There are various safeguarding devices that when accident occurs, itwill give an alarm by sound and light andshutdown automatically to protect safety of manand machine.

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Main Driving System  


The main drive comprises worm gear and cams on precision crank shaft linkage. Mechanism includes bearing shells to prevent impacting and assures smooth running. Diecutting pressure generated from 200-350 ton depending on model.

Main Chain Drive

Qualitysouroedchains toenhanoe performanoeandlong ife. Mainchaindrive withoverload feature.Use of high tensile chains for strengthand wear resistance.

Delivery Section

Two options available. Conventional pallet continuous or batch counter collected. Either provide smooth delivery of stack.

Technical specifications

ModelMWB 1300MWB 1450MWB1620MWB 1850MWB2100
Max. paper size1330×980mm1480×1080mm1650×1210mm1880×1420mm2110×1500mm
Min. paper size550×480mm 550×480mm550×650mm650×550mm800×600mm
Max. cutting size1300×960mm1450×1050mm1620×1190mm1850×1400mm2070mm×1480mm
Max. cutting pressure250×104N300×104N300×104N300×104N500×104N
Stock rangeCorrugated board≤9mmCorrugated board≤9mmCorrugated board≤9mmCorrugated board≤9mmCorrugated board≤9mm
Cutting precision±0.5mm±0.5mm±0.5mm±0.5mm±0.5mm
Maximum mechanical speed4200s/h4000s/h3600s/h3500s/h
Pressure adjusting range±1mm±1mm±1mm±1mm±1mm
Min. Gripper marginGripper≥8mmGripper≥8mmPinza≥8mmGripper≥8mmGripper≥8mm
Inner chase size1330×990mm1480×1080mm1646×1220mm1890×1430mm2110×1510mm
Total power16.5kw20.5kw20.5kw24kw32.6kw
Machine Dimension(include the work platform、prefeeder)6120×4530×2290mm6330×4270×2340mm6620×4920×2520mm7580×5930×2764mm7760×6280×2830mm
Machine Dimension  (exclude the work platform、prefeeder、die change frame)4200×2150×2290mm4410×2640×2340mm4700×2880×2520mm5210×3040×2760mm5390×3450×2830mm
Gripper/needle number/each10/1611/1812/201416
Tatal weight≈15t≈17t≈21t≈24t≈33t

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