MWZ1300N/MWZ1450N/MWZ1620N/MWZ1850N Lead edge feeder automatic die cutting machine with stripping section.

This series is our high-end standard range.They are able to handle all grades of corrugated board from 1-8.5mm.Generous speeds up to 4,800sph on some models, all with lead edge feeder, complete stripping, non-stop delivery and safety detection,ensuring die-cutting process is of high quality and efficient.




Feeding Section  


High speed and precise lead edge feeder, absolute minimal marking to sheet. Air volume control adjustable to different grades handled, vacuum surface area variable subject to sheet size.

Feed Table        


Servo driven with adjustable slow down ensuring sheet arrives at entry to diecutter under control

Die Cutting Section   


Quality precision-made diecutting unit with built in overload mechanism. Easy loading and removal of chase and plate, centralised positioning for speedy makeready.






Bottom Suction Feeder high feeding precision, reliable suction, adjustable suction area, scratch prevention design,printing surface is better protected.

Stripping Section

Double action movement with upper and lower stripping frames. Male and female boards inserted subject to desired job. Right, left, rear and internal stripping function to optimise stripping. Centralised positioning to reduce downtime on stripping set-up.

Delivery Section

Standard pallet style delivery unit presented in a neat stack allowing simple extraction of diecut blanks. Optional non-top batch counter collector to increase production and work-flow

Technical specifications

ModelMWZ 1300NMWZ 1450NMWZ 1620NMWZ 1620N
Max. paper size1330×980mm1480×1080mm1650×1210mm1880×1420mm
Min. paper size550×480mm600×500mm650×500mm650×550mm
Max. cutting size1330×960mm1450×1050mm1620×1190mm1850×1400mm
Max. cutting pressure250×104N300×104N300×104N350×104N
Stock range1mm≤Corrugated board≤8.5mm1mm≤Corrugated board≤8.5mm1mm≤Corrugated board≤8.5mm1mm≤Corrugated board≤8.5mm
Cutting precision±0.5mm±0.5mm±0.5mm±0.5mm
Max. mechanical speed4800s/h4200s/h4000s/h3500s/h
Cutting rule height23.8mm23.8mm23.8mm23.8mm
Pressure adjusting range±1mm±1mm±1mm±1mm
Min. front margin8mm8mm8mm8mm
Inner chase size1330×1004mm1480×1104mm1650×1224mm1880×1430mm
Paper delivery height1320mm(460mm)1330mm(460mm)1390mm(460mm)1390mm(460mm)
Main motor power15kw15kw18.5kw22kw
Total power25kw31.1kw34.6kw40kw
Machine Dimension (include the  platform)8155×4517×2612mm8650×4917×2627mm9196×5251×2687mm10630×6100×2800mm
Machine Dimension (exclude the  platform,turning frame)7316×2500×2612mm7836×2722×2627mm8368×3165×2687mm9480×3230×2800mm
Tatal weight≈22.5t≈23.5t≈27t≈34t

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