MWZ1450Q/MWZ1500Q/MWZ1650Q Lead edge feeder automatic die cutting machine with stripping section
Max.paper size  1480 x 1080mm 1500x1 100mm1650x1200mm
Min.paper size600x 500mm 600x500mm650x500mm
Max. cutting size1450x 1050mm 1480x1080mm1630x1180mm
Max. cutting pressure300 x104400x104N450x104N
Stock range 1mm≤Corrugated board≤9mm 1mm≤Corrugated board≤8.5mm 1mm≤Corrugated board≤8.5mm 
Cutting precision±0.5mm±0.5mm±0.5mm
Max.mechanical speed5200s/h 5000 s/h4500 s/h
Cutting rule height23.8mm23.8mm23.8mm
Pressure adjusting range±1mm±1.5mm±1.5mm
Min. front margin8mm10mm10mm
Inner chase size1480 x 1104mm 1500x1100mm1650x1200mm
Paper delivery height1330mm/460mm 420mm (单板) 420mm (单板) 
Main motor power18kw 22kw22kw
Totalpower(double servo,exclude air   compressor)34kw39kw39kw
Machine Dimension (include the platform)9921 x 5176 x 2627mm 10075x5170x2460mm10400x5136x2550mm
Machine Dimension(exclude the platfom、turming frame)7836 x 2935 x 2627mm 9505x2820x2460mm10005x2920x2550mm
Total weight~24.5t ~31t~38t
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