MWZ1650G/GF/GK Lead Edge/ Cassette/Bottom Suction feeder automatic die cutting machine with stripping section (High Speed machine)

You and your customers both seek high quality and reliable productivity. We strive to make sure your needs are reflected in the type of diecutter we can offer to you.

The machine embraces advanced technology to ensure high production speed, shorter make-readies and perfect quality.

Maximum speed is 5,500sph, which helps you with bulk production without detracting from cutting quality.

The extensive R&D afforded to each component guarantees the highest quality at high speeds. The precision lead edge/ cassette feeding device effectively prevents scratches on printed and coated surfaces. The main gear drive gives a stable and strong performance with a high working efficiency via its full stripping and non-stop delivery features.

Max.paper size  1650×1200mm 1650×1200mm 
Min.paper size650 x 500mm 650 x 500mm 
Max. cutting size1630x 1180mm 1630x 1180mm 
Max. cutting pressure450x104450x104
Stock range 1mm≤Corrugated board≤9mm 1mm≤Corrugated board≤9mm
Cutting precision±0.5mm±0.5mm
Max.mechanical speed5500s/h 5500s/h 
Cutting rule height23.8mm23.8mm
Pressure adjusting range±1.5mm±1.5mm
Min. front margin10mm10mm
Inner chase size1660x 1210mm 1660x 1210mm 
Paper delivery height350mm 1300mm 
Main motor power22kw22kw
Totalpower(exclude air compressor)37kw 37kw 
Machine Dimension (include the platform)11200 x 5560 x 2560mm 11200 x 5560 x 2860mm 
Machine Dimension(exclude the platfom、turming frame)10100 x 3250 x 2560mm 8850x 3250x 2860mm 
Total weight~38t ~40t

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