Auto-breaker BUP1650


1、The machine aplis to break making up in pinting with large format;

2、The machine can beak 2 prduot in one sheet and 3- product in one sheet;

3、The machine can connect to die cutting machine and folding gluer machine, or matching with 2 sets of die cutting machines, or just be used as a single breaking machine.


The breaking frequency can meet 2 sets of die cutting machine’S output with high efficiency;

The machine can do multi-products in one sheet in single direction;

Flexible input &output, can be used as a single machine, and also in a whole automatic produ uction line.


Max. Breaking Size1600 X 1200mm
Min. Breaking Size280mm
Breaking Height50- 350mm
Maximum speed6times/min
Machine power5.65KW
Machine dimension2950 X 2860 X 2500mm
Total weight4.5t

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