Semi-automatic arcprefeeder BSL1650


1、This machine is designed for the paper/carton board turn-over before feding into machine

of flexo, printing and die cutting;

2、This product can connect with the front intelligent logistics system, Implements the automatic,

reporting, continuous feeding;

3、Suitable for flexo print, offset print, prepress board.


1、Conveyor belt adopts frequency converter to adjust speed;

2、Oil pressure control is adopted for lifting and turning;

3、The operation process is controlled by photoelectric detection PLC;

4、Control mode: oil pressure system is used to control lifting and turning;The side beat and front baffle are coontrolled by electric regulating inverter and PLC program: Siemens; Low voltage: Schneider.


Maximum sheet size1650x 1200mm
Minimum sheet size600 X 500mm
Maximum height of pallet2200mm
Maximum speed8000pieces/h
Machine power7.5KW
Machine dimension6500x 1890 X 2860mm
Total weight3t

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