Automatic arcprefeeder HSL1650/2400


1、This machine is designed for the paper/carton board turn- over before feeding into machineof flexo, printing and die cutting;

2、This product can connect with the front intelligent logistics system, Implements the automatic,reporting, continuous feeding;

3、 This product can customize in machine production plan, automatic stop after completethe order Product.


1、The introduction of South Korea's most advanced technology of corrugated boxes,

cardboard feeding;

2、The machine design and reasonable, which can ralize the unattended operation;

3、The whole loading process of portable, downy, orderly, and ffectve protection board are not destroyed.


Maximum sheet size1650 X 1200mm
Minimum sheet size600X 500mm
Maximum height of pallet1700mm
Maximum speed15000pieces/h
Machine power18KW
Machine dimension8500 X 2850 X 2550mm
Total weight4.6T

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