Robot stacker GM1020


1、The machine can be used high speed pack and stack after printing die uttng,sticking,etc;

2、The machine can be used for carton box,color box,laminate box and other box stacking;

3、The machine can stack with tray warehouse and other equipments ,auto-output,

with intelligent logistics system output and storage.


1、Bulk orders storage function,change orders quick and efficient;

2、Stacking position is free,stacking style is multiple,stacking machine is abundant;

3、The machine can be used for various stacking occasions;

4、Full servo control location is accurate,safety factor is high,space occupation is small.


Maximum pack size1020X 800mm
Minimum pack Size600X350mm
Maximum pack Height50- 250mm
Maximum stacking size1600X1400X1800mm
Maximum speed24packages/min
Machine power21.5KW

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